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Andreas Heindl Software Solutions is your partner for developing image processing / machine vision / computer vision applications with HALCON, the image processing library from MVTec Software GmbH. Located near Munich, Germany, we are the only freelancer MVTec Certified Integration Partner in Bavaria.

We have years of machine vision experience and this is how you can benefit from our expertise:

  We use the fastest and largest (by number of operators) HALCON library available: HALCON 12.
  We create easy-to-use GUI applications, e.g. with QtQuick, Qt Widgets, WPF, HTML5.
  We develop Machine Vision / Computer Vision algorithms in HDevelop (hdev programs) and export the final code into your application using HALCON/C, HALCON/C++, Visual Basic.NET - HALCON.NET, or C# - HALCON.NET. If beneficial we can develop hand-optimized code in these programming languages.
  We deploy the final application by creating installers for your customers.
  We enhance the HALCON image processing library through custom Extension Packages or custom Image Acquisition Interfaces / Frame Grabber Interfaces.
  We utilize HALCON's multiprocessor and multi-core capabilities.
  We know how to process very large images using HALCON XL as well as color images.
  We know how to take advantage of OpenCL / GPU for faster image processing times.
  We build your application for Windows (Visual Studio), Linux (gcc), and OS X (XCode).
  We help you connect with I/O devices (Digital I/O devices, OPC, OPC UA).
  Porting of machine vision code to ARM and/or Android devices
  Real time applications with HALCON

Furthermore we have expert knowledge in

- 3D Vision

- Camera Calibration

- Matching

- Blob Analysis

- Measure

- Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

- Optical Character Verification (OCV)

- Morphology.

You can also benefit from our experience in developing challenging tasks on embedded devices / smart cameras.