Often, when working with HALCON, you need to export images and the output of HALCON (e.g. features and results drawn into the image) via a simple interface to C#, C++, or the C world. A little known fact is that HALCON can draw graphics into images with the use of […]

Drawing into HALCON images

I am glad to announce that on February 12, 2016 I received a certificate for the course Machine Learning authorized by Stanford University and offered through Coursera. Topics covered by the course were: (Multivariate) Linear Regression Logistic Regression Neural Networks Support Vector Machines k-Means Principal Component Analysis Anomaly Detection (Multivariate) Gaussian Distribution […]

Received certificate as Machine Learning expert

I held the lightning talk Advanced debugging techniques for Visual Studio 2015 at the C++ User Group Munich (MUC++). The slides (including reference and download links) are available at:   It covers these advanced Visual Studio 2015 debugging techniques: Visualizers StepFilter Debug.EvaluateStatement / ? Piecewise execution of a statement […]

Advanced debugging techniques for Visual Studio 2015

If you want to post HDevelop code to your WordPress site, I recommend using Crayon Syntax Highlighter. It can be customized to display the HDevelop/HALCON programming language quiet correctly. Install the plugin Crayon Syntax Highlighter via Plugins / Add new in your WordPress Dashboard. Unzip the attached language description file into […]

HDevelop syntax highlighting in WordPress