• Expertise for challenging machine vision application developments as former employee at MVTec Software GmbH, the makers of HALCON.
  • We can support you at the early stages of planning your HALCON project.
  • We develop the necessary image processing algorithms to meet your expectations.
  • Rapid integration of the resulting algorithms into your application and/or environment via interfaces to multiple programming languages.
  • Experience in design patterns and passionate test driven development advocates.
  • Support for the full product build pipeline including product versioning, build and test automation,  and installation.
  • Know-How for embedded systems (e.g. smart cameras)


We are...

  • Expert in machine vision applications using MVTec's HALCON.
  • Many years of inside knowledge of HALCON as software engineer working on HALCON and MERLIC.
  • Enthusiastic C++ developer.
  • Certified Qt specialist with a passion for usability-centered designs and modern GUI development.
  • Profound background in C and x86/x64 assembler.
  • WPF
  • HTML5
  • MVTec Certified Integration Partner MVTec Certified Integration Partner


View our...

 detailed Profile on Google Docs.


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