Start Center for HALCON

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Start Center for HALCON is a small utility that lets you manage multiple versions of HALCON installed on the same machine simultaneously.

Its main features are:

  • Launch HDevelop and HDevelop XL of any installed HALCON version.
  • Get an overview over the installed HALCON versions with the Details overview, e.g. which Revisions and Build versions are installed.
  • A unified location to get help: Release Notes, Manuals, References and Solution Guides. All available at a single click (okay, okay, two clicks...).
  • Launch a CMD shell which the correct HALCONROOT and HALCONARCH environment variables set. The HALCON bin/ directory is added to the PATH variable. The environment is also set up for usage of an installed version of Microsoft Visual Studio. Only x86 versions of the Visual Studio environment are shown for x86 or x86sse2 versions of HALCON and vice versa for x64.
  • Change your active HALCON configuration between different major versions. Want to use HALCON 11 for a project instead of HALCON 12? Click the ∞-Button. You will be presented with an overview of the system settings that will be changed. If you are using HALCON/COM you may also want to register halconx.dll and hdevenginex.dll and their HALCON XL counterparts.


Screenshot of a single HALCON version entry with description


Release Notes

Start Center for HALCON 1.1 (released 2015-10-26)

  • renamed to Start Center for HALCON.
  • change environment variables HALCONROOT, HALCONARCH, HALCONIMAGES, HALCONEXAMPLES in system scope instead of user scope. This way, the PATH variable (system scope) set by the HALCON installer (which includes the HALCON binary directory), correctly expands HALCONROOT.
  • fix for detection of Visual Studio Express Editions.
  • Colored text in launched shell sessions.
  • Fix push buttons in message boxes: they have borders now.


   Start Center for HALCON 1.1 (x86) Installer (12.8MB)

Runs on Windows 7, 8, 8.1, and 10. Runs on x86 and x64 operating systems.

Start Center for HALCON is available at no cost.