Usage of


On demand, we provide a private and secured version control service for our customers during software development. For this we use git combined with a Continuous Integration build powered by GitLab CE.

Advantages are:

  • Simple access to our provided source code.
  • Keep up to date with our development progress easily.
  • Contribute your own source code changes without the fear of breaking something.
  • Maximum interaction with our customers during development and testing of a project.
  • Save all source code and all development history locally at your company.

On this page we describe the possibilities to use the GitLab service at





Read more about git in the Pro Git Book. Free version of the book in PDF, Mobi (Kindle format), ePub (iBooks format) or HTML available at .


For Windows OS:


kept up to date. Free. Integrates in Windows Explorer. Comes with command line tools.

At the moment, we recommend this client on Windows. See detailed setup informations for


Recommended by many. Free, but requires Atlassian account since 2016:


New. Free, but requires registration.

GitHub Desktop

Free. Skip GitHub setup. Tailored for, but can use other repositories as well although a bit complicated:

Checkout repository via command line

Open command prompt. Enter:

Replace USERNAME and PROJECTNAME with the correct URL. Then open GitHub Client. Open Windows Explorer and drag and drop folder C:\myprojects\PROJECTNAME on the GitHub Client.