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Using Basler cameras with HALCON - Best practices
2024-06-01 by Andreas Heindl

Typical tasks and hacks for using Basler GigEVision and Basler USB3 cameras in HALCON.

Conversion of standard C++ data structures to HalconCpp::HTuple
2020-04-01 by Andreas Heindl

We present C++ example code that can be used to convert some data structures that are often used in C++ programs to control tuples (HTuple)

(Fast) parsing of a point cloud text file
2019-09-19 by Andreas Heindl

Parsing of a point cloud which is stored in a text-based format. Multiple optimizations regarding processing speed.

C++ or C# for Machine Vision with HALCON
2018-05-28 by Andreas Heindl

Arguments for and against using C++ or C# for the host application of your next HALCON project

Setup HALCON 13.0 on a Raspberry Pi
2018-03-06 by Andreas Heindl

Setup a clean Raspberry Pi with Raspbian OS and HALCON 13.0. We build and run an example program to decode ECC200 data codes using a Raspberry Pi Camera Module. Including Screencasts!

Using global variables in the HDevEngine
2018-02-14 by Andreas Heindl

Global variables can be used to get data from a HDevelop procedure while it is running in the HDevEngine. We show how this can be done in a C++ project.

Write images with HALCON
2018-01-08 by Andreas Heindl

A short overview over the different possiblities to save images with HALCON.

Open scripts from HDevelop procedure descriptions
2017-12-22 by Andreas Heindl

In the LinkedIn group "HALCON Machine Vision Software Professionals", Vladimir Perkovic had the idea to open HDevelop examples directly from the procedure description. We have improved the initial idea.

The new Remote Debugging feature in HALCON 13
2016-11-02 by Andreas Heindl

With HALCON 13 came the new Remote Debugging feature for the HDevEngine. This article describes how the Remote Debugging feature can be used in practice. The example creates a new C++ console application from scratch.

Presentation "Writing Node.js/Electron native C++ addons for beginners"
2016-10-28 by Andreas Heindl

I gave a short presentation at the C++ User Group Munich on how to use Node.js and/or Electron together with C++ to build cross platform desktop apps.

Drawing into HALCON images
2016-04-29 by Andreas Heindl

Often, when working with HALCON, you need to export images and the output of HALCON (e.g. features and results drawn into the image) via a simple interface to C#, C++, or the C world. A little known fact is that HALCON can draw graphics into images with the use of window buffers.

Common problems with HALCON's HTuple and HString (C++)
2016-02-19 by Andreas Heindl

Common problems using HTuple and HString in the HalconCpp interface

Received certificate as Machine Learning expert
2016-02-16 by Andreas Heindl

I am glad to announce that on February 12, 2016 I received a certificate for the course Machine Learning authorized by Stanford University and offered through Coursera.

Advanced debugging techniques for Visual Studio 2015
2016-01-29 by Andreas Heindl

I held the lightning talk Advanced debugging techniques for Visual Studio 2015 at the C++ User Group Munich (MUC++). The slides (including reference and download links) are available for download.

Experiments with clang for Visual Studio 2015 Update 1
2015-12-21 by Andreas Heindl

Microsoft Visual Studio 2015 Update 1 ships with a special version of clang. Microsoft names it Clang with Microsoft CodeGen. It uses the clang parsing backend together with the traditional Microsoft cl code generator and optimizer backend.

Change HDevelop hotkeys / keyboard mappings
2015-10-23 by Andreas Heindl

I have written a small script in AutoHotkey to re-map a few keyboard shortcuts. It is available as Open Source.

Initial Setup of QtCreator
2015-09-17 by Andreas Heindl

Qt Creator for Qt Creator is the IDE I recommend for usage when working with Qt code. It is part of Qt itself or can be downloaded separately (to get the latest version). Here I will describe some important steps I configure after having installed Qt Creator.

HDevelop syntax highlighting in WordPress
2015-08-25 by Andreas Heindl

If you want to post HDevelop code to your WordPress site, I recommend using Crayon Syntax Highlighter. It can be customized to display the HDevelop/HALCON programming language quiet correctly.